About Mable

Mable Elmore Drive 21


Mable Elmore was re-elected in 2013 as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Vancouver-Kensington. She currently serves as the Opposition Spokesperson for Immigration and Temporary Foreign Workers and Deputy Spokesperson for Finance.


This is her second term as she was first elected in 2009 – when she made history by becoming the first MLA of Filipino heritage.


Mable is passionate about building community engagement and connecting people around issues that matter to them. She has a long-standing record of public service, and has earned a great deal of respect for her hard work on many progressive causes. She’s been an active member in the peace movement, and has worked tirelessly on a wide range of migrant, immigrant, social justice and worker’s rights issues. And she’s dedicated to doing whatever she can to make the lives of people in her community – and across British Columbia – better.


Prior to the election, Mable worked as a transit operator for 10 years. Over that time she played an active role in her union – the Canadian Auto Workers, Local 111 – and led successful campaigns as a transit advocate. Mable has held a number of other diverse jobs, attended the University of British Columbia and has resided in Vancouver for the past 20 years.