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I am honoured to be be able to continue representing Vancouver-Kensington as your MLA. Thank you for this opportunity to serve our amazing community.

This website has been set up to keep you up to date on the work I am doing on behalf of Vancouver-Kensington locally and in Victoria. Vancouver is a busy place, and so we have included an events page to let you know about the various activities happening here.

This site also provides many resources to navigate provincial government programs and policies, and information on how my office may be able to assist you.

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Mable Elmore, MLA


Spokesperson for Immigration and Temporary Foreign Workers

Deputy Spokesperson for Finance


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Mable Elmore, MLA

Annual Holiday Open House

Thur Dec 10

4pm to 7pm

6106 Fraser Street

Vancouver, BC


I’m happy to invite you to my Holiday Open House.  This is always a great event where community members, organizations and businesses can come together to celebrate and connect.  Hope to see you there!



New national coalition launched to help temporary foreign workers


There are an estimated 230 million migrant workers now circulating around the world, and B.C., with over 70,000 temporary foreign workers in our communities, is second only to Ontario.


Traditionally a country of permanent immigration, we are now a country and province where migrant workers are brought in on a temporary basis. Many of them live and work in precarious conditions in our province. A number of factors open the door to the abuse of their rights. To address them, the Coalition for Migrant Workers Rights Canada, CMWRC, was formed last month.


The CMWRC is a coalition of migrant worker community groups, academics, churches, unions and advocates from other sectors. It’s a unified voice of migrant workers in Canada. Its aim is to rebuild the immigration system to ensure basic dignity and fairness for everyone. Among its first actions is to call for the end of the discriminatory practice of tying migrant workers to specific employers. They are the only workers in Canada whose jobs are tied to one specific employer, one specific address.


They’re not free to circulate in the labour market, and their temporary immigration status makes them disposable. Addressing labour demands through a disposable work force creates a two-tier society and a secondary labour market, with the effect of driving down wages because these workers are compelled, for fear of deportation, to accept pay and conditions that citizens can refuse.


They also call for the transition towards a single-tier immigration system based on permanency and family reunification. These workers are vulnerable to exploitation because of the precariousness of their status, and these practices lower standards for everyone in the labour market.


The distortion of B.C.’s labour market also creates a secondary tier of TFWs with no labour mobility. These workers remain in the shadows of our society. In addition, temporary foreign workers are exposed to predatory practices and are paying thousands of dollars in illegal recruitment fees to work in minimum wage jobs in B.C. B.C. needs to put an end to these violations.


We need to ensure there is a registration regime for employees’ recruiters, to ensure proactive enforcement of employment labour standards and to ensure all workers in B.C. have access to justice and are free of exploitation.


BC government’s culture of cover-up starts at the top

The provincial government deliberately and routinely deletes government records for political gain, says Opposition leader John Horgan.


“The provincial government operates in a culture of deception, deceit and delete, delete, delete. It starts right at the top in the premier’s office,” said Horgan. “It is standard operating procedure for Premier Christy Clark and her caucus.”


New Democrats raised the issue of the B.C. Liberal government deleting sensitive government records about the Highway of Tears in November 2014. In May, former B.C. Liberal staff member Tim Duncan came forward to tell his story about witnessing the intentional destruction of records and the systemic practice of this within the Liberal government.


The Privacy Commissioner released a report Thursday confirming Mr. Duncan’s allegations, and revealing FOI abuses in the office of the minister responsible for FOI and the Office of the Premier. Denham slammed the B.C. Liberal government for their purposeful destruction of records and failure to ensure political staff are respecting B.C.’s privacy laws.


“The B.C. Liberal ‘do anything to win’ attitude has created a culture where political staff are taught to triple-delete their emails to make sure they can never be found. The transportation minister himself has now admitted to triple-deleting his email,” said Doug Routley, New Democrat spokesperson for Citizen Services.


“The B.C. Liberal culture of cover-up and deceit is unacceptable to British Columbians who expect their government to operate with integrity and accountability.”


Horgan said the Privacy Commissioner’s report reveals the truth about how Premier Clark runs the government, and speaks to a lack of integrity of the B.C. Liberals.


BC govt targets 19 Vancouver schools for closure

VICTORIA— A report by a B.C. Liberal appointed special advisor recommends closing and selling off 19 schools in Vancouver, but parents who want a quality education for their kids would disagree, says Rob Fleming, New Democrat education spokesperson.

“This is just another example of the B.C. Liberals’ warped budget priorities,” said Fleming. “First they give a $230 million tax break to the top two per cent instead of giving B.C. families the break they deserve, then they force school districts to cut $54 million from their budgets, now they are recommending school closures to cover for inadequate funding.”

Fleming said with the passage of Bill 11, Premier Clark’s education minister aggressively moved to centralize control over our schools. Now Minister Fassbender is imposing his will upon the elected Vancouver school board and telling them how to do their job.

“This government has downloaded tens of millions of dollars of unfunded cost pressures onto school districts for everything from B.C. Hydro rate hikes, to medical premium increases, to failing to fully fund the settlement costs for B.C. teachers,” said Fleming. “In this case, the Christy Clark government is ignoring its own B.C. Stats data which projects future student enrolment growth. By closing these schools, they would be harming the education needs of our kids and causing turmoil for families.

“School boards are elected in their communities as the responsible authority for school administration,” said Fleming. “The B.C. Liberals are undermining school board authority just to satisfy their obsession with selling off community assets.”

End the sexual exploitation of children & youth

I delivered the following statement in the legislature on March 12th to mark “Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Awareness Week (March 9th – 15th )”

“The sexual exploitation of children and youth under the age of 18 years is any type of sexual activity in exchange for money, drugs, food, shelter or for any other considerations.

The commercial and individual sexual exploitation of children and youth is never considered prostitution or consensual. It’s a form of sexual abuse that cuts across all races, classes, genders and ages. It’s a $1 billion industry. Children in all our communities are affected, behind closed doors, on line, in parks, next door.

The underlying risk factors in this exploitation are youth who are kicked out of the house or run away from home; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender youth; youth who live in poverty; youth who suffer mental health, physical, cognitive disabilities; or youth who experience racism.

We need to address systemic issues, have a poverty-reduction plan and ensure children have timely access to child protection, the criminal justice system, adequate access to addictions treatment, safe and affordable housing and the full spectrum of health support services, most importantly mental health support.

All of us have a role in collective responsibility in ensuring the protection of our youth and children. The goals of prevention include ending the demand. We must eliminate the societal demand for commercial and individual exploitation of children and prevent children from being perceived and used as sexual commodities. We need more investment in research and to continue raising public awareness, especially of the growing danger of on-line predators.

This week, March 9 to 15, is Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Awareness Week. But beyond this week, this issue should be in our minds and hearts until the normalization of such exploitation for individual or commercial gain becomes socially, economically, politically and spiritually unacceptable in our communities, nation and the world. Together, let’s work to ensure all our children have childhoods free from sexual abuse and exploitation.”


Neighbourhood Small Grants

Do you have an idea for your neighbourhood?  Apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant with the Vancouver Foundation.  Deadline is Tuesday, March 31st.

“The Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) program was created by the Vancouver Foundation in 1999. The program is based on a simple but powerful idea: when people feel a sense of connection and belonging to their neighbourhood, they are more likely to be engaged in activities that make it a better place to live.

When people are active in the life of their neighbourhood, our communities are strengthened from the ground up. The Connections and Engagement survey that Vancouver Foundation conducted in 2012 with 3,841 people from Metro Vancouver shows the power of this idea of connection and engagement.   NSG helps connect and engage residents in their community by encouraging them to come up with their own ideas for how their neighbourhood can be strengthened. Vancouver Foundation then funds those ideas. Small grants of up to $1,000 are available for projects started and completed by local residents.”

– Vancouver Foundation


Visit this link for more info and to apply online:




ICBC rate hike latest blow to affordability

VICTORIA – The B.C. Liberals are allowing rates to skyrocket at ICBC, making life even less affordable for British Columbians, say the New Democrats.

“The 5.2-per-cent hike proposed today follows years of hikes by Premier Christy Clark’s government,” said New Democrat ICBC spokesperson Mable Elmore. “While she has been premier, her government has brought in big rate hikes in three out of four years, increasing rates by a total of 23 per cent – that’s $140 more every year for the average driver.”

Because of ICBC’s policy of rate smoothing, drivers can expect a rate hike next year that is within 1.5 per cent of this year’s – that could mean yet another hike of as much as 6.7 per cent.

“This hike is just another blow to affordability in this province,” said New Democrat finance spokesperson Carole James. “While Premier Clark claims that she is not raising taxes, her government is quietly raising hidden taxes that take money directly from the pockets of British Columbians.”

This rate hike comes on top of a 28-per-cent Hydro rate hike and further increases to ferry fares and medical service premiums – all within the last year.

“Hikes like this chip away at family budgets and make it even harder to afford the necessities. The B.C. Liberals are showing once again that they are not listening to British Columbians.”

Lunar New Year Open House

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Please join me at my annual

Lunar New Year Open House

Saturday, Feb. 15th

11:30am to 2:30pm*

6106 Fraser Street (corner of E. 45th ave.)

Vancouver, BC

Light refreshments will be served.

*around 12pm, there will be a Lion Dance by the South Hill BIA.

For more info, please call 604-775-1033 or email mable.elmore.mla@leg.bc.ca


School children should not pay the price for the government’s failed energy policies

VANCOUVER –  The B.C. government is asking school children to pay the price for their incompetent and deceptive management of B.C. Hydro, says the Opposition Caucus.

“Education Minister Peter Fassbender is advising school boards – and the parents, students and teachers that make up the district – that they cope with the Liberals’ 28 per cent Hydro rate hike by shutting down valuable local schools.

“With this callous proposition, the government is continuing to disrespect the public.  First, the rate increase at B.C. Hydro was caused by Liberal policies and incompetence: from buying  expensive power we can’t sell, fudging the books with deferral accounts to create the false impression that the Liberals balanced the budget, wasting money on smart meters, to cost overruns.
“Furthermore, before and during the election, the premier, her ministers and candidates, including Mr. Fassbender deliberately misled people about the future of hydro rates.  They told British Columbians that rates would not increase, and that it was important to keep rates low.  Now, instead of taking responsibility for what they have done, the government is saying students should pay the price for their decisions, which include continuing to use hydro revenues to hide a budget deficit, ” said Opposition leader Adrian Dix.

Clark’s education minister Peter Fassbender is telling the Vancouver School Board that it should look at closing schools as a way to deal with higher electricity costs stemming from the double digit rate hike announced this week. Dix countered Fassbender’s proposition outside Champlain Annex school, where he was joined by local MLAs Mable Elmore and Kathy Corrigan.

“Local students, teachers, parents, and communities prevented a potential crisis in public education just a few years ago when they succeeded in keeping schools like Champlain Annex open. The government’s refusal to recognize the trend of increasing enrollment put such schools under threat. Today Champlain Annex is essentially at full capacity,” explained Elmore.

“Fassbender’s proposal  that school children pay the price for his government’s mismanagement of B.C. Hydro is incredulous. It is not a solution to create a crisis in public education to deal with the crisis you have created in B.C. Hydro that is driving up rates,” noted Corrigan.


Nesika Award Nominations


The Provincial Nesika Awards began in 2008 to honour outstanding people, initiatives and businesses that promote multiculturalism and that bring diverse cultures together.    These awards are organized and sponsored by the Multicultural Advisory Council.


There are five categories:

1.  Individual

2.  Business

3.  Organization

4.  Youth

5.  Multicultural Excellence in Government


Nominees and award recipients will be recognized at an awards event on March 21st to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.  Recipients in all categories will receive an award trophy.  Recipients in the first four categories will also receive $5,000 to support the work of multiculturalism in the province.


Deadline for nominations is 5pm on February 10th, 2014.  For more information or to download a Nesika Awards nomination form, please visit www.EmbraceBC.ca or email MAC@gov.bc.ca.