B.C. minimum wage increases to $16.75 per hour on June 1

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On June 1, 2023, B.C.’s lowest-paid workers will get a pay raise with the general minimum wage increasing from $15.65 to $16.75 an hour.

The 6.9 percent increase in minimum wage rates reflects B.C.’s average annual inflation rate in 2022.

The adjustment reflects government’s commitment to tie annual minimum wage increases to inflation.

The same increase will apply to wages for residential caretakers, live-in home-support workers and camp leaders. On Jan. 1, 2024, piece rates for 15 hand-harvested crops will also increase by 6.9 percent.

The increase will positively affect approximately 150,000 workers who earn less than $16.75. Many are food service staff, grocery store workers, retail workers and others who were essential workers during the pandemic.

Government has made regular, gradual increases to the minimum wage to provide certainty for workers and predictability for businesses.

Overall, B.C.’s minimum wage has increased from one of the lowest in the country to one of the highest.

The minimum wage was $10.45 per hour in 2015.