New cosmetic pesticide regulations fall short: NDP environment critic

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The BC government came out on Wednesday with new regulations surrounding the use of cosmetic pesticides in residential areas; which stops short of a full ban.

Several other provinces have already adopted the ban of pesticides but in B.C. the Liberals are recommending a licensing and notification scheme.

Although the revisions will see stricter control on the sale and use of pesticides in private landscaped areas along with simplifying requirements for the sale and use of pesticides normally considered ‘safe’, critics like NDP MLA and environment critic Spencer Chandra-Herbert, say the moves don’t go far enough.

“I go back to Premier Christy Clark’s words three years ago when she said she supported a full ban on cosmetic pesticides,” Chandra-Herbert told Unfiltered’s Aaron McArthur.

“She didn’t want her kid or anyone else’s kids playing on lawns sprayed with cosmetic pesticides and toxins… unfortunately the Premier has broken that promise to British Columbians, and instead she’s made half-measures that will not stop kids from playing on lawns covered in toxic pesticides.”

According to the province of BC’s release, the proposed changes include the following requirements:

A license is required in order to apply most pesticides in private landscaped areas.
License holders are required to employ trained pesticide applicators and practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
Residents are to be notified when pesticides are used on private landscaped areas.
A list of pesticides considered safe for use by untrained people will be developed. These pesticides may be sold and applied in a private landscaped area without a license.